Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Do We Have a Responsible Media??

This thought occoured to me yesterday..while I was reading the TOI. Half the front page was devoted to the design of the Air Force 1. Similarly a few days back we had the Chatwal Wedding .. the whole newspaper was flodded with who's coming ,where is the venue & whats the menu... cmon guys is this News .Sample this - A high profile marrige gets front page coverage.. whereas a great scheme worth Rs 200 crore gets started in Andhra..which gauranties 100 days of Employement to the poor gets a small paragraph on mayb the 6 th page is all this responsible reporting on the behalf of the news paper.. ??
When the Tsuanami came in Dec 2004 there was full page coverage to the plight of the people.. but now an year after it while the people still havent been rehabilitated the media is doing nothing in bringing nations attention to their plight..
What media today has done is that they have divided the country into two -India & Bharat and they are mostly concerned with whats happening in the India part in cities while ignoring the Bharat .

Having said that i really appreciate the way media has helped to generate reactions among the people in the Jessica Lal case but what I think they should do is that they should get a bit closer to the real India.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers???

We had our techfest Virus 2K6 recently .. I took part in various competitions including a GD
the topic for discussion was "Are we happier than our forefathers" .
well in my veiw it actually depends on person to person cos happiness is a state of mind . We have made lots of progress in Science & Tech.. & we also have developed in Healthcare & Medicine Economically also we are better of than our Forefathers but still i think there is some thing missing in our lives. We are not contented...there are still tensions in our mind.. the competition out there is neck breaking ... in such a scenario can we say that we are happier than our Forefathers?

P.S -Not to suggest that im not happy or anything like that :-) .This post is just general veiw.

A New Begining

i ve started to blog... again.. with this new blog..
i will try to post as regularly as possible :-).
neways as for the name of the blog... yes you are right!!!
- i took it from RDB-
this much for now