Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lots of things...

No I am not dead... I know a post is long due about so many things... recently life is being tough again ... firstly I was not well then.. some things happend.. which I din think would happen ... caught me by surprise.....Its not that I'm not posting bcoz nothing is happening its just that i currently dont have the time to post with exams right on my head..
Neways will post about current happenings and exams as and when i get time..
this much for now

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

..Hide n Seek...

Forgive me if this sounds stupid but today in college we got over wid our pracs and were getting bored so we devised a new version of Hide N Seek..which we played in Delhi Metro :-)

First the Main Rules
  • U can hide only in a span of 6 Stations with the base station (starting point )being station 1.
  • The game is played only in one direction
  • U cannot shift platforms on the same Station.
  • U can however shift trains and even get into the train of the denner.
  • Also while at a platform u have to at all times remain in the boundries of the platform that is u cannot move down the staion.
  • U have to hide in a teams of two people.
Now as stupid it may sound it but it was great fun..needless to say the rules were flouted and I shifted platforms.Also it was pretty tiring but in the end all of us were releived of or tension from the practical exams :-) and for an hour it took me back to my childhood days..

This Much for now