Friday, June 30, 2006

A tAle oF aN uNeventful LiFe

Some people do have uneventful lives *sigh*....well I totally agree with the statement..
But the statement as such is rather vague and non descriptive in nature...because what seems uneventful to one person at a given point of time may seem very interesting to somebody else...

Ohk..Lets start describing my schedule these days...
Scene 8:30 AM:Phone rings.."Abe dun u have to go to office today...get up"
..slowly and grudgingly I get out of my bed..rush to take my towel..and straight into the shower ..
After which I eat my breakfast which is ofcourse yummy as it has been prepared by mummy..:P :P
Anyways after the yummy breakfast.. I realise that i m getting late so I rush to my car and driving my car I rush to the office which is in CGO complex .. in Lodhi Road ..

For the uninitiated CGO complex is sort of a little pentagon of New DeLhi it has offices of the *shsshhh* all the intelligence agencies and HQ of some para millitary forces and Also It is host to the NIC . All major PSUs /Govt companies have their IT divisions in or near CGO complex...

Neways coming back to my uneventful schedule

Scene 9 :40 AM
I reach office, login to mark my attendance.. Check my mail..well for those who dunno i have a P4 3.2 Ghz machine with 2 GB of RAM and a 256k effectively unlimited connection wid me in my office.. *drool* though I repeat that the Net connection is not to be used for vella purposes ;-)
A typical day at office involves -:
cOding- eRrors- rEmoval-tEsting.Maybe that sounds uneventful to most people but If u have written a single line of code in your life you would know the JOY of executing it correctly after spending 5 hours trying to remove the errors..

There are times when I sit with the system admins.The first thing they taught me was how to put a RJ -45 cable connector ... then how to configure a router ,all the networks ke fundae about portscaners and how to use them..also there is a WAN deployment which will take place by the mid of next month and I will be getting hands on experience on how routing is done in a WAN.. :P:P
Neways not to fget the lunch part I get to eat Eatopia chicken Subs atleast once a week and a mud choc pastry *:P:P* as eatopia is very near to my office..

Ah and coming back to my schedule
Scene 6 :00PM
Office gets over.. I battle the delhi traffic reach home..tired and exausted..what is left of the day goes away in phone calls and IM chats and pLaying GTA all this incase I come straight to home after office which is ussually not the case.. :-).

Scene 11:30 PM
The phone calls dry down a bit,People start to say "gtg byeee tc " in Im chats... and thed ay seems to come to and end.. Just then I realize that there are a lot of unwatched movies on my comp so if there isn't a football match to see.. I see a Movie ...

Scene 01:00 AM

Another phone call "abe soo jaaa kal jana nahi hai kya.."
And I go to sleep..

P.S- All schedules are subject to change in case of an interesting football match.. :-)

Rather Uneventful and boring isnt it .... But then as they say This is liFe :-)..and I am enjoying it

aH wOndering aBout tHe sTrange nOtation I sOmeTimes uSed iN tHis pOst .. well thats a hangover from too much coding... Its called cAmel nOtation :-)


tHis mUch fOr nOw

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Exams Over I am Back...

Ah such a relief !! The exams finally got over some of them were good,1 was bad,others were okayish :-) But the best part is that i can now sleep well during the night.Although I am not getting any sleep :-( I dunno this is funny I used to feel so sleepy during the time the exams were going on but now all of it seems to have vanished .

Also I Have joined as an Intern at Delhi Transco Limited . And its a gud experience I have My Own Desk and a cubicle of sorts with a comp of my own and and 256 K connection. The Internet However is not to be used for vella purposes and chatting , games they say are prohibitted :P :P(LOL).

Watched 4 movies since Yesterday which include Euro Trip , V for Vendetta, Ice Age 2 and Goodfellas all of them great. I also want to watch Da vinci Badly but none of my frens are here :-(

This much for now