Saturday, June 03, 2006

Exams Over I am Back...

Ah such a relief !! The exams finally got over some of them were good,1 was bad,others were okayish :-) But the best part is that i can now sleep well during the night.Although I am not getting any sleep :-( I dunno this is funny I used to feel so sleepy during the time the exams were going on but now all of it seems to have vanished .

Also I Have joined as an Intern at Delhi Transco Limited . And its a gud experience I have My Own Desk and a cubicle of sorts with a comp of my own and and 256 K connection. The Internet However is not to be used for vella purposes and chatting , games they say are prohibitted :P :P(LOL).

Watched 4 movies since Yesterday which include Euro Trip , V for Vendetta, Ice Age 2 and Goodfellas all of them great. I also want to watch Da vinci Badly but none of my frens are here :-(

This much for now


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