Sunday, September 24, 2006

How much pricedo I pay for somebody else's lie .?

Why the Hell cant people mind their own business in life...I never interfered in anybody's life ever so why should others.. I mean why this back stabbing?Why these lies?Should I be afraid If I have a clear consience??
Why do people lie about stuff to gain other people's sympathy without realising the effect all these lies could have on somebody else..?
But then this they say is life.. and If instead of trusting me somebody chooses to trust others about me then so be it.. I cant do anything about it so I think Ill not speak and let my actions speak for me... ..
This much for now..

P.S I know another cryptic post but then life is being a lot cryptic these days and inspite of all my repeated efforts I am not being able to decode it .

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sometimes It All Happens Too Fast :-)

As exams come near and near..my the frequency of my posts has increased.I am happy today so I decided Why not post :D.
Sometimes it does happen fast .Not that I wasnt expecting it but I never thought it wud happen at this juncture
Sometimes a change takes place and it takes place for the better * hope* .My last post about the plant was incorrect . Some times it so happens that the seeds of the flowers that fall on the ground create a new Plant and and This is what has happend ... I 'm sorry if I am sounding too vague at this moment but then its all so very personal that I cannot talk much abt it.. All I can say is Thank You God..and ofcourse Thank you ( You will know who you are if you ever read this :))

This Much For Now

P.S - Thanks Jeet sir:-)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I am back after a prolonged breaak sorry people..

Here I am .. this is me..
Ok that was a bad one I agree..But it is strange.That feeling of deja vu is back with me....I am again feeling alone all of a sudden in this big world.. People say I have friends but then I m scared now at the very mention of the word friend . I sowed a seed sometime back, It grew into a plant over the while, but just as it was flowering the rain came and flowers fell down, now what remains to be seen is that if the plant is able to withstand the pressure because at this very moment I cant say anything or rather I dont want to say anything... but this is indeed strange all of a sudden I get that feeling all over again :-( *Trust shaken maybe even stirred*

Btw lots has happend since my last post for a start I completed my intern project and now the software has been put into use :D *Happiness*
I got a new laptop dell Inspiron B 130 1 GB RAM, Centrino 1.8, 15.4 inch screen,Dual layer DVD writer * Drool*
I finally managed to get into third year of my B.Tech ( prayers do help :-P)
Celebrated My 20th birthday in a great way ( Thanks to all of u, if u ppl ever read this...)
And I realise that I Have my minors begining next monday..soI need to study, wish me luck please,I really need it

This Much for Now