Thursday, October 26, 2006

JAP ( Just Another Update )

Somebody has so very rightly said -"Life may give you a 100 reasons to be sad but only 1 to be happy "
Yeah well I am happy .. :D..Why ?? - Because I got New Titanium Squash raquet ... :D
its an amazing raquet, the control is just awesome,the weight is just 135 Grams :P,the feel is just unparalled.A titanium raquet just changes the way u play the game, U can hit shots which earlier were only in books.The ball's bounce and pace can actually be controlled to suit your needs.When I spent all my diwali money on the raquet I was a bit scared that If I made the correct choice the other being a wireless router for home but after playing two games I can confidently say that I made the correct choice .Its just amazing and I am in love with it.

Life otherwise is great .. had a great diwali .. got lots to eat and got lots of money :).Celebrated diwali with my buddy pulkit watching movies or should I say sleeping between watching movies :P.And ya best part I got a 9 day vacation from college :D:D ( feel jealous :P).

Exams coming up and the month of november is the most hectic month in the odd semester wid pracs and minors being back to back :-(..But I guess lots of masti done and as mum says time has come to start studying :-)..

This much for now..

P.S -Thanks to all those who commented on the last post even Mr.Nebulosa :P

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali.May this festival bring in happiness and light in your lives .
God Bless

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just a small quiz!

Ohk since I haven't ever asked any question to the readers of this blog I thought Ill ask something.. This question came up in my mind sometime back and probably must have come in your minds also sometime or the other might sound a bit cliched also but then this is it :-)

Q.What is Love??

I am not attaching any specifics to the question just a general question .Also I request everybody who reads this ever to answer this question You can also do it anonymously if u want but please do answer it..
This much for now
Adios ..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Maybe its the season,Maybe its the weather or Maybe its just a co-incidence that me and most of my fellow bloggers are going through a rather rough and confusing time in their respective lives beacuase of some reasons.This post is just to say -

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Regular stuff...

First things first..
Not much has changed since the last post.. life continues to be cryptic.Just that I got some of the score of my minor papers One was okay.. another was bad.Lets c how the others are..

On the movie front me has seen a lot of movies in the last few days..Khosla..., Tokyo Drift,V for Vendetta.Talking about V for Vendetta that movie is one great movie but very tuf to understand.. I had to watch it thrice over to make sense out of the movie also the dialouges are just amazing..A must watch for everybody planning to /preparing for GRE.

Talking about GRE the prepration time has come I think Ill borrow the barron's book from pulkit start preparing the wordlists atleast. Most ppl in college are planning to bell the CAT and have joined coaching institutes for it :-s . To say the least - They give me a complex .

Ah another gud thing- I am buying a new squash raquet :D a titanium one :D.If anybody has any suggestions please tell me..also If anybody is interested in a game or two I am always ready..

The weekend has been a lazy sorts for me with all my frends either going out of delhi or busy with some kinda classes or exams..
This much for now