Sunday, October 01, 2006

Regular stuff...

First things first..
Not much has changed since the last post.. life continues to be cryptic.Just that I got some of the score of my minor papers One was okay.. another was bad.Lets c how the others are..

On the movie front me has seen a lot of movies in the last few days..Khosla..., Tokyo Drift,V for Vendetta.Talking about V for Vendetta that movie is one great movie but very tuf to understand.. I had to watch it thrice over to make sense out of the movie also the dialouges are just amazing..A must watch for everybody planning to /preparing for GRE.

Talking about GRE the prepration time has come I think Ill borrow the barron's book from pulkit start preparing the wordlists atleast. Most ppl in college are planning to bell the CAT and have joined coaching institutes for it :-s . To say the least - They give me a complex .

Ah another gud thing- I am buying a new squash raquet :D a titanium one :D.If anybody has any suggestions please tell me..also If anybody is interested in a game or two I am always ready..

The weekend has been a lazy sorts for me with all my frends either going out of delhi or busy with some kinda classes or exams..
This much for now


  • I envy you...I hardly get to watch a movie. And Im one potential MS candidate who hasnt watched even a single Hollywood movie (sounds like an exaggeration, na?). Lol.

    By Blogger Tapasya, At 10:48 PM  

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