Tuesday, November 28, 2006

SaY No tO ArBiT tHiNkINg

Yes Exams are on my head and unfortunately my mind has started to waver a bit. I dont know why this is happening but then even if its something very important it cannot be more important than Majors for god sake !! . I have not been studying for the past 2 days and these are bad signs... So today I decided that I will not think about Arbitrary stuff what ever it might be, Hence the campaign .

Lots happened since my last post,I got over with minors,Had my pracs,Had an accident and one of the most harrowing nights in my life,I was in a Police station from 5:00 pmto 2:oo am.Thank god everything got alright otherwise I would have been making this post out of jail .. They Guy I banged into was a Mad Man he jumped right in front of my car.Thankfully he wasn't injured and everything sorted out fine.I din drive the Car for a few days but slowly I have started driving back and more carefully

Yes coming back to the arbit thinking.As a wise person told me yesterday that exam time is time for no nonsense so I better get back to study ASAP.I think I ll follow the advice as dilligently as possible.

Yea I know this post of mine has no specific topic,doesn't have a flow,these are just random thoughts which I typed in the order of remembrance.

Anyways lots to study and so little time

This Much for Now

Friday, November 03, 2006

Deja vu..I hope I am wrong

Is it Deja vu.. Why am I feeling that I know what happens next .I am feeling that I have been in this state before.I know what happens next but then I seriously hope that I am wrong because I do not want it to happen again... but then it might not be in my hands.It was never in my hands though Ill try.. Ill try really hard I promise but then I do not want a repeat telecast at no cost!!!

I just pray and pray hard that I am wrong about this..the worst part is I do not know the reason, I do not know what did I do wrong and I am not being told what did I do wrong :-(

Anyways all I d ever want is that you be smiling and if this way you can be happy then so be it I would rather see myself unhappy than make you unhappy so I will not complain .Ill rather accept what is given to me with grace

This much for now
P.S another cryptic post but cannot seem to help it